Ion Core Technology

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Our new Long Life Ion Core™ is guaranteed to last 5 years, holds more charge than our previous rechargeable batteries, and stays charged longer than ever before.*

Our Low Self Discharge Technology allows our rechargeable batteries to hold their charge for nearly one full year in storage. And our high capacity cells are packed with more power and can deliver up to 50% more performance in our AA batteries.**

We’ve created a rechargeable battery that can:

  • Take up to 70,000 pictures over the lifetime of the battery
  • Recharge up to 400x 

Look for new rechargeable battery packaging featuring the Long Life Ion Core on our AA batteries.

Additional Innovations:

*vs. previous Duracell rechargeable batteries

** Duracell NiMH 2400mAh AA vs. 1350 mAh within the first 200 cycle